Uncertain, unexpected, spontaneous

spontaneousThere is little that is certain, yet believing that some things are certain may bring one some sense of comfort.

An expectation might only ever have real impact on one’s happiness when that expectation is not met.

The past and future exist but in the mind. It is only in the present where one will ever be happy and satisfied.

I am now in Asia. I’m in disbelief. It is the same disbelief I experienced when I finally reached the United States back in August, when I stepped off the plane in Buenos Aires last November, and when I handed in my notice for work. Is this really happening? But I had never expected this of my life, it just kind of. . .happened.

It happened because there have been moments when I have felt breathtakingly alive to what was before me – present, calm, collected, and I have known exactly what I needed to do. It might even be so clear sometimes that there doesn’t appear to actually be a choice, it is just flow, and I am able step faithfully into it.

For the really big decisions – especially the decisions that go against the grain, like quitting one’s job, whether to return home – it might take a long time to come into such a knowing; patience and perseverance too. Sometimes much rests on a decision – perhaps it will result in a vastly different reality to the one now faced with. That can be scary!

On Saturday I spontaneously booked a flight to leave the next day from Toronto to Hong Kong. I stepped in to my flow – and I am now in Asia.

Of course perhaps not everyone has the time, space, nor the support to dig deep into what is really needed and flow; we exist within a system that does its best to keep people working, occupied, and isolated. Could it be different?

Well there is Bhutan, moving forward on happiness, perhaps we may arrive at Bhutan yet.

I certainly don’t expect to arrive to Bhutan physically, nor do I have much of an expectation as to what arriving in Bhutan might feel like. Nothing is certain. Except now. That is enough.


  1. I just read your November posts. While my travels are not as extensive or extreme as yours, we are traveling similar paths – to find connection with others and occasional happiness. Enjoy your journey. Thanks for sharing.

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