Hello, my name is Christopher and this is my blog about happiness.

I spent more than 10 years researching and publishing about happiness and well-being, and originally began my Adventures in Happiness blog because I just wanted to share my research ideas more widely.

However, one day I realised how unhappy I felt in my job and I quit to begin cycling to Bhutan on a.happiness pilgrimage. My Adventures In Happiness blog then became a platform to share the experiences of my journey. A journey that embodied not just a personal search for happiness, but also a wider search for people and places where there are attempts at creating the happy (more about what my intentions can be found here).

After cycling for 18 months covering 27 countries and 20,000kms I’ve now returned and this blog is still all about happiness – how we can live better and how we can co-create the environments to enable us all to live better?

I write to share and most of my posts are very personal. If there is anything that touches, inspires, or even challenges you then you are welcome to get in contact. If there is anything on my blog you’d like to share with others then feel free to do that too.

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