Hello, my name is Christopher and I write about happiness and wellbeing.

I’ve been writing about happiness and wellbeing as an academic for more than 10 years and published over 25 peer-reviewed academic articles. In an effort to deepen my understanding of happiness, I decided to spend 18-months cycling to Bhutan on a journey all about happiness. And so it was that I became a happiness and wellbeing expert of a different sort – less academic, more real; living less in the mind, I got into the heart and soul of things.

My writings on happiness and wellbeing are diverse. I still publish academic articles but I prefer to write either on my Adventures in Happiness blog, and other media outlets, so as to express ideas about happiness and wellbeing in a simple and accessible way. Currently I am in the process of trying to write a book about the journey for happiness based around my cycling journey to Bhutan.

Beyond academia, beyond cycling to Bhutan

I am committed to happiness and wellbeing – mine and others – and ultimately I am interested in figuring out how we can co-create communities where everyone has the opportunity to flourish. I give talks, work with local businesses, and engage with local, national, and international policy debate to promote happiness and wellbeing in our societies.

If there is anything that I write about that touches, inspires, or even challenges you then I’d be happy to hear from you. If there is anything on my blog you’d like to share with others then feel free to do that also.

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