This is a blog about happiness. Your’s. Mine. The World’s.

And currently I am cycling to Bhutan…yes Bhutan, the country that developed the concept of Gross National Happiness to indicate that what was important from a policy perspective was the happiness of its citizens not how much was consumed and produced.

Prior to undertaking this journey I was an academic researching happiness and well-being. I was doing research on this topic for over 10 years and I published many academic papers on the subject.

Important as I thought my academic research was I did wonder whether my research would ever be taken seriously outside of the academic world, and whether there was much practical use for it beyond my own learning. And so I began this blog 4 years ago to share ideas about research on happiness and well-being and in particular focus on my own journey towards happiness and my attempts to implement findings from well-being research into my everyday life – my own adventures in happiness…

But then it dawned on me that I actually wasn’t that happy. The happiness researcher wasn’t happy! And that was when I decided to quit my job and begin cycling to Bhutan.

My cycle to Bhutan is something of a happiness pilgrimage and my Adventures In Happiness blog has become a platform to share the experiences of my journey. A journey that embodies not just a personal search for happiness, but also takes me to places, like Bhutan, Costa Rica, and Canada, where environments based around happiness are being created, and to have conversations with people who can and are making that happen (more about my intentions here).

I write to share and sometimes my posts might be very personal. If there is anything that touches, inspires, or even challenges you then you are welcome to get in contact. If there is anything on my blog you’d like to share with others then feel free to do that too.

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